Belinda is an exceptionally valuable member of the Sirdar Global team. With core responsibility for the development of the Sirdar methodology and systems, Belinda has been a key part of our organisation’s growth and successful positioning as a global leader in this space.

My interactions with Belinda are intellectually simulating and challenging and she has always had candour in her approach to working with me.

Carl Bates, Chief Executive of Sirdar Group

Belinda is one of the most organised and efficient people I’ve ever met (and a fantastic individual as well.) She ‘wrote’ my book “The Customer-Centric Blueprint” – her approach and process was world-class. She’s since developed Master Class materials for me – awesome.

Doug Leather, CEO at REAP Consulting

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Belinda for over 5 years and have always found her to be attentive, measured, and supportive. She has impeccable communication skills and always knows the right language to use – tailored to whomever she is addressing – to get her message across in the clearest and fastest way possible. She is easy to work with, always stays positive and cool under pressure, and is an incredible asset to any team that she works with or leads.

Tracey Watson, Independent Graphic Design Professional

I am an accredited Partner for Contribution Compass and my first interaction with Belinda Doveston was her facilitation of my Contribution Compass accreditation training. As a facilitator, I found Belinda to be engaging, fun, structured and flexible. Belinda utilised Lego in her training as well as various other techniques to bring concepts to life and to create a platform for participants to really gain deep insights. Since then, I have experienced Belinda’s in-depth training on webinars and through online learning and can confidently recommend her as a facilitator and for her in-depth course development ability.

Usha Maharaj, Founder at Chasing Excellence, Professional Mentor, Entrepreneur