Over the last 14 years I have been directly involved in education, mainly focused on self-awareness, personal development, entrepreneurship, team dynamics, management, leadership, governance and high-performance boards. Here is a synopsis of my experience:

Stage One: The Education Journey Begins
  • In my IT consulting role, I established a centralised projects office and developed training materials for consultants on our methodology
  • Was responsible for the training plan and provider selection for training
  • Developed the conceptual design for a corporate college for a key client
Stage Two: From Corporate to Personal Development
  • Co-founded an outcomes-based college and co-developed two diplomas and supporting courses, focused on personal development
  • Trained over 400 students over a period of six years
  • Over 400,000 words of education materials published and used by students
  • Deployed class learning into an e-learning platform using a bespoke platform
  • Trained facilitators nationally and internationally via webinar
  • SAQA accredited assessor, supported Services SETA accreditation
Stage Three: Translation Back into Business
  • Developed a three-year management and entrepreneur development programme, which I also facilitated
  • Set up and managed the Moodle server
  • Co-developed a global methodology for implementing high-performance boards in private companies, including ongoing training for directors and clients
  • Developed an 11-month director development programme, combining video lessons, resources, Moodle and a core simulation process, which I currently facilitate
  • Co-developed the Contribution Compass, a natural energy profiling methodology for building effective teams
  • Contribution Compass included the development of a 5-month e-learning facilitator training programme (which I also currently facilitate) using webinars, videos, practical assignments, interactive YouTube learning, Moodle and competency assessments
Stage Four: Agile Teams and Businesses

I am certified in the Lego® Serious Play® method – a powerful facilitation approach to dig into what is really going on within an individual, team or company and bring this to the surface. This includes tapping into the great ideas buried in a team and resolving the real challenges that sabotage great success.

If you need support with education development and/or facilitation, then please do get in touch.