Change Agent

Purposeful and Purpose-Filled

Not satisfied with surface, I believe that purpose drives growth. If you want better results, on any level of life, clarify and deepen your ‘why’ and set your sights on making a meaningful difference.


Our lives are perfect bio-feedback loops. If you want to create change in your outer world, start on the inside. Self-awareness accelerates growth and makes your world a much more interesting place.

Be of Service

Service does not mean servitude. It means orientating your attention from inside-out to outside-in and making your daily activity focused on your high-impact contribution to the group.

The Social Field

We are all rooted in an open field of shared social activity. What impacts us the greatest often lies out of sight – buried in this social field. We need to dig deep and unearth the unknown, both challenges and great ideas.

Natural Energy

We are all born with a core talent or dominant ability that we can use to make a meaningful contribution – this is called natural energy. It is the ‘sweet spot’ to most effectively fulfil your purpose.

Mastering Change

You cannot manage change – it is not a process model. Rather, understand the specific nature of the change you are going through and master the personal development that the change is demanding of you.