Fiction Writing

Writing novels has been a lifelong dream, which is finally coming to fruition. I am currently completing my first full-length novel, due out in 2018.

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Business Writing

I have spent the majority of my 20-year career in the act of writing…translating complex business concepts into written tools that create clarity and value. This included four projects where I worked alongside an author to help them achieve their dream: sharing their expertise through books. Three of these projects are published and widely-read. I managed these from concept design through to publication on in print and Kindle formats.

In addition, I have written numerous magazine articles across a broad spectrum of publications and have been guest featured on national radio and television.

Education Materials

Collectively, over the last 14 years that I have been actively involved in education, I have produced over 600,000 words of outcomes-based education materials.

Topics include: self-awareness, personal development, entrepreneurship, team dynamics, management, leadership, governance and high-performance boards.

My focus is simple: quality, well-researched resources delivered through the practical development of the whole person.