The Green Rebellion

I thought I would give you a little break this week from my Pinterest-inspired micro-stories and share something else I have done recently. Press 53 publishes Prime Number Magazine, an online fiction magazine. They are just a little obsessed with prime numbers, so everything ties back, in some way, to a prime number. They have a monthly competition to write a 53-word story on a set theme, which is super fun to do given the very few words you get to use. Your submission has to be exactly 53 words!

Last month, the theme was ‘Luck’ and below is my submission, which did not win, yet was still fun to do:

The Green Rebellion, by Belinda Doveston

“Unleashed,” he said into his ale as he kneeled on the barstool. No more fekkin’ rainbows and desperate seekers. He was free, yet also alone. The first to unbundle and seek mortality, he would age quickly. At least he could scowl all he wanted and spend the gold. His luck had finally come.

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