A Different Point of View

I had so much fun with this micro-story. You may, like me, have experienced just how badly Mercury Retrograde can trickster its way into your life and cause chaos. The current retrograde period continues until the 15th April 2018 in fiery Aries. There is the challenge of all travel and electronics going pear-shaped yet also the fantastic opportunity to reflect and pause during Mercury’s shadow. Quality thinking at this time can only lead to quality action when the retrograde period passes. Be extra careful of being rash and impulsive at this time. And if you think this is all kookie-crazy ramblings, good luck!

So in my thoughts, I wondered what it may be like for those living on Mercury to experience an Earth retrograde. Interesting idea, yes? Hence this week’s change in perspective, looking back and wondering how we might impact our celestial neighbours.


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