Tiny Spaces

After a couple of years of no micro-stories, they are back! Now that my work is more focused on actually finishing that novel, I felt it was time to rejuvenate this fun and creative pursuit.

The idea behind the micro-stories was to challenge myself, and you if you are up for it, to create a moment in time story in 500 characters based on Pinterest inspirations. Years ago, while in a writing group, we had an exercise to write a story based on a picture. It was brilliant and created an array of fascinating stories.

I will endeavour to post one of these a week, collated into a monthly set in my newsletter The Buzz, and I challenge you to join me. The pin below is my version of the story. Repin it and give it a go. Capture a moment in a story based on what you see. Let me know if you have done so. I would love to share your versions.

So for this one, I found this great image of a camper on the road. My husband, like so many these days, is obsessed with the tiny house and glamping movements. So let’s see what you make of this tiny space. And I mean the 500 characters! 🙂

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