The Human Touch

This week I have been reminded about the goodness of humanity and kindness of strangers.

Any moment now, the funeral will start for little Nina, who passed away just over a week ago. As my son was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery earlier this year, I joined a parent heart defect group on Facebook. One of our mums unexpectedly lost her baby Nina after battling tremendously with Edward’s Syndrome, a gene disorder that creates major heart abnormalities, amongst other things. While Nina would have been lucky to survive past 2 years of age, her mom has fought like a trooper for her daughter, amidst the abundance of hectic bills that come with a sick child.

We heard that this family could not fully cover the funeral costs of her child, and I could just not bear the thought of this family dealing with money at a time like this. Within 24 hours of a plea on Facebook we mostly likely sorted that out for them. I was blown away by the sheer kindness of people to do something for someone else in such pain with no thought and no recognition. To those who supported financially and with prayers, I am truly grateful.

As such, I decided that a stark departure from last week’s morose theme on war was necessary. Please check out this beautiful picture, and of course, if you click on the image below you will be taken to Pinterest so you can read my 500 character story based on this image. The only question is: are you going to write your 500 character story? Come on! Just do it!

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