The War and the Roses

This week is an interesting Micro-Story Challenge. I went browsing the “History” category in Pinterest in an earnest search for something new and different for this week’s challenge. The images were disturbing – a vast array of moments in time caught on celluloid, conveying sweet irony, regret, hope, loss, fate, and of course, war. I felt overwhelmed by this deep emotion that I am not even sure what to label – perhaps the infinite sorrow of mankind would suffice? When I saw this famous picture taken on the 14th August 1945, of a celebratory kiss between two strangers in a chance embrace, I did not feel the jubilation of the celebration. I just felt sad. Ok, so enough emo to last all month…. 🙂

Take a look at my more morose rendition this week by clicking on the picture below and reading my 500 character story, and then repin and write your own. Allow whatever you feel in this picture to move you, and apologies in advance if my more sombre contribution colours your view. Peace out.

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