Sunrise Serenade

Don’t you just love sunrises? They hold so much promise for the day and you feel that infinite possibility lies ahead. For me there is nothing more wonderful than sitting on a veranda or somewhere with a view, with a warm blanket and in a comfy chair, sipping your tea or coffee and watching the day gently come alive. Even on holiday I enjoy getting up that extra early for a sunrise. Sunsets don’t feel the same to me at all – they seem harder and more vibrant, yet promising of the silence that is to come.

Inspired by sunrises I found this picture for this week’s Micro-Story Challenge. There is so much that can be read from it – is too holds so much promise. What do you see? What image or story pops into your mind?

Click on the picture below and take a look at my 500 character story, and then repin and write your own. Let’s serenade the dawn together!

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